NDP leader Darrell Dexter says his bold leadership has lead to some of the most progressive change the province has ever seen.

Speaking with Information Morning’s Don Connolly, Dexter said his party has made at least 50 significant policy changes since being elected four years ago.

"I would argue that over the last four years there has been more advances in public policy and progressive change in this province than we have seen in many many decades," he said. "New Democrats, by their nature, are activists. They are constantly pushing change."

When asked how he differentiates from the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives, Dexter pointed to healthcare. He said both of his opponents want to centralize health authorities.

"That will take local voices right out of health care across the province. I happen to think that’s a very bad idea."

He said the NDP has been successful instead by cutting healthcare administration.

"This is a serious issue for people. It will affect the provision of services right across the progress."

Dexter’s is the first of three sit down interviews Connolly will host during the election.