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  • Wednesday October 19, 2016

    Audio Aviva Online Contest - Caleb's Courage

    Caleb's Courage is one of hundreds of charitable organizations across Canada competing for big money through the Aviva Community Fund.

    Listen 12:32
  • Tuesday October 18, 2016

    Audio Flood Affects on Mental Health

    Dr. Julie MacDonald speaks to the affects a nature-based disruption has on families.

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  • Tuesday October 18, 2016

    Audio Trick-or-Eat

    Don't worry if you see some adults knocking on your door this Halloween. A group will be out collecting donations for the food bank.

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  • Wednesday October 12, 2016

    Audio MP Mark Eyking Responds to Cape Breton Floods

    Sydney Victoria MP Mark Eyking speaks with Jennifer Ludlow about the aftermath of the Thanksgiving storm and what the Federal Government can do to help.

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  • Wednesday October 12, 2016

    Audio Minister Geoff MacLellan talks recovery after Cape Breton flood.

    Minister Geoff MacLellan, Premier Stephen McNeil, MLA David Wilton MLA Derek Mombourqutte toured the island to assess the damage caused by the recent storm.

    Listen 11:13
  • Thursday October 06, 2016

    Audio Public Health Agency - Ally Centre

    The Ally Centre of CB was told its application for next year's funding could not go forward. To find out why it was rejected we speak to Dr. Gregory Taylor. He is Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.

    Listen 8:39
  • Wednesday October 05, 2016

    Audio Global Music- Part 1

    At the Global Music-Local Connections conference Wendy talks about the challenges of studying the music of the people with Dr Patricia Sheehan Campbell, Smithsonian Folkways Board and Dr.Anne Rasmussen, Society for Ethnomusicology.

    Listen 18:33
  • Wednesday October 05, 2016

    Audio Global Music - Local Connections Part 2

    Wendy discusses why studying the music of the people is an important tool of community development with Marcia Ostashewski, Prof at CBU and organizer of the Global Music - Local Connections conference and other delegates.

    Listen 16:12



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