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  • Thursday February 15, 2018

    Audio Funding for sexual assault counselling ending

    A program that community organizations used to pay for sexual assault counsellors is coming to an end. And that's left counsellors and their clients in limbo, wondering what happens next. CBC Reporter Elizabeth McMillan has the story of one person who was helped.

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  • Wednesday February 14, 2018

    Audio Petite Riviere parents validated by judge's decision

    Parents in Petite Riviere have won their court case. Yesterday a judge threw out the South Shore Regional School Board's motion to close the Petite Riviere Elementary School. Stacey Godsoe chairs the group that took the case to court.

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  • Tuesday February 13, 2018

    Audio Education Minister defends Glaze report

    Teachers and politicians continue to argue about how to fix the education system. Late last month, Education Minister Zach Churchill announced a number of sweeping changes, based on a report by consultant Avis Glaze. Many teachers have voiced their concerns. Zach Churchill speaks to Information Morning.

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  • Monday February 12, 2018

    Audio Teacher frustrated with Glaze report

    It's been just over two weeks since the province announced it was making major changes to the education system. And opposition continues to build. Information Morning speaks with Richard MacLean. He has been in the classroom for 25 years and he's on the local executive for the NSTU in Halifax.

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  • Friday February 09, 2018

    Audio Backlog at QEII ER

    Emergency Room wait times at the QEII in Halifax have been particularly bad this week. CBC News has learned that earlier this week the maximum wait time was as long as four days, to be admitted to the hospital.

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  • Thursday February 08, 2018

    Audio Annapolis Royal lifestyle enough for U.K. doctor

    Nova Scotia doctors are the lowest paid in the country. That's a problem for recruitment in the province. So what does Nova Scotia have to entice new doctors here? The word 'lifestyle' comes up again and again. CBC Reporter Carolyn Ray has the story of how that's been enough for one family.

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  • Wednesday February 07, 2018

    Audio New pay model could attract doctors

    Family doctors in Nova Scotia are the lowest paid in the country. And as the province grapples with a doctor shortage, many say things will not improve until the pay disparity is addressed. CBC Reporter Michael Gorman has been looking into this as part of our series "The Search".

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  • Wednesday February 07, 2018

    Audio Why skating on the Halifax oval can set you back as a hockey or figure skater

    When you're skating on the Oval in Halifax - there's a right way and there's a wrong way. Everybody has to skate together, in a counter-clockwise direction - you don't get a choice. But could there be a better way? Information Morning's Nina Corfu went to the oval to investigate.

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