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  • Thursday July 20, 2017

    Audio Opioid Strategy in Nova Scotia

    The province of Nova Scotia released a strategy to try to better deal with opioid use and abuse. Dr. Robert Strang is the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Nova Scotia, he talks about what's in the guidelines and what it will mean on the ground.

    Listen 14:22
  • Thursday July 20, 2017

    Audio Doxing

    Reporter Nic Meloney explains an internet practice called doxing - to release and publish private, and in some cases, false information about individuals - and how it was used by an alt-right group in Cape Breton to discredit people.

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  • Thursday July 20, 2017

    Audio People and Places - Torquil MacLean

    The namesake of the Torquil MacLean ferry in Englishtown is the focus of our "People and Places" column. Assoicate Producer Nicole MacLennan met community historian Vanessa Childs-Rolls to learn more about the man the Englishtown ferry was named after.

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  • Wednesday July 19, 2017

    Audio Lingan Road Extension Update

    After a four year delay, there may finally be a plan to open the Lingan Road Extension that intersects with the Sydney Port Access Road. Reporter George Mortimer spoke with Frank Potter, Executive Director of Operations with Nova Scotia Lands.

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  • Wednesday July 19, 2017

    Audio Jim St. Clair - Orangedale

    On our column "Then and Now" with community historian Jim St. Clair, we reminisce about the Orangedale Station... Jim tracks the origins of the train, the museum and the song.

    Listen 6:41
  • Wednesday July 19, 2017

    Audio Contest Girls

    Meet two little girls from Manitoba with Cape Breton roots who have been keeping some pretty important company. The sisters both won contests that got them a free pass to hang out with Lieutenant Governor in Manitoba and the Prime Minister in Ottawa.

    Listen 8:23
  • Tuesday July 18, 2017

    Audio New CBRM CAO - Marie Walsh

    The Cape Breton Regional Municipality has retained Marie Walsh as its new Chief Administrative Officer. Recently, she has served as acting CAO and interim CAO, and was the CBRM's Chief Financial Officer. We ask her about her priorities for the job.

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  • Monday July 17, 2017

    Audio Cape Breton Medical Staff Association

    Now, a check-up with the Cape Breton Medical Staff Association to find out if anything has changed since the huge health care rally that drew more than 600 people in May. Dr. Craig Stone, President of the CBMSA, says the diagnosis is still dismal.

    Listen 10:03


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