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  • Thursday June 22, 2017

    Audio Jim St. Clair - Carriage Maker

    From carriages to coffee and muffins...On Then and Now, Jim St. Clair takes advantage of this sesquicentenial year to explore the history of one long-standing building in Mabou. It was once the site of the Pushie carriage business, now it's a bakery.

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  • Wednesday June 21, 2017

    Audio Treaty Phrase Declaration

    Acknowledging an important part of our history - why Halifax school children may soon hear a phrase each morning that reminds them they're on Mi'kmaq land. Reporter Preston Mulligan has the story of the new declaration and what it really means.

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  • Wednesday June 21, 2017

    Audio The Phoenix Pay System

    The Cheque is NOT in the mail. The Phoenix Pay System continues to cause problems for federal employees waiting to get paid. Cindy Pearo, a Cape Breton worker, staged a protest outside MP Mark Eyking's office to highlight her frustrations.

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  • Tuesday June 20, 2017

    Audio Fowl Neighbours

    Backyard fowl have run afoul of some folks in New Waterford... hear complaints about a fowl odour, a lot of noise and rats next door to one family whose neighbours are keeping backyard poultry, Reporter Wendy Martin has the story.

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  • Tuesday June 20, 2017

    Audio Nova Scotia's Accessibility Directorate

    Meet the first executive director of Nova Scotia's Accessibility Directorate. Gerry Post has gone from being a government critic on accessibility - to being the one in charge of implementing that legislation, we ask him what his goals are.

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  • Tuesday June 20, 2017

    Audio Boat Harbour Clean-Up

    A closer look at what it'll take to clean up the province's most contaminated site... 50 years of chemicals equals a bizarre toxic sludge. Reporter Paul Withers has an update on the clean-up of Boat Harbour in Pictou County.

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  • Monday June 19, 2017

    Audio Literacy Nova Scotia

    Getting into the swing of things for literacy. As golfers tee-off at the Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournament in Baddeck today, we learn more about the benefitting charity: Literacy Nova Scotia. Jayne Hunter is the executive director of LNS.

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  • Monday June 19, 2017

    Audio The Festival of Stewards

    Ever think of the Cape Breton Highlands as a piece of art in itself. "The Festival of Stewards" is an art project taking place in the park to mark Canada 150, Eskasoni's Ursula Johnson and Alex Ingraham describe this unique performance.

    Listen 9:35


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