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  • Thursday September 29, 2016

    Audio Medal of Bravery - Nicole Foran

    When a plane in Jamaica was hijacked in 2009, a Nova Scotia flight attendant played a pivotal role in bringing the stressful situation to a safe ending. Nicole Foran of Halifax has been recognized for that role with a Medal of Bravery.

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  • Thursday September 29, 2016

    Audio Breakfast Biographies - Tuma Young

    Today, a profile featuring Tuma Young, who is originally from Malagawatch, Inverness County. He was the first Mi'kmaq-speaking lawyer in NS. And, now, he's an assistant professor of Indigenous Studies at Cape Breton University.

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  • Thursday September 29, 2016

    Audio Nurse Practitioners

    The Department of Health announced it will hire 7 nurse practitioners and family practice nurses to work in various locations across Cape Breton. Kathy Bell is the director of Primary Health Care, Eastern Zone, Nova Scotia Health Authority.

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  • Wednesday September 28, 2016

    Audio Jim St. Clair - Kidston Island

    Treasure Island? There may not be gold buried on Kidston Island, but there's a wealth of fascinating stories to be unearthed on the island near Baddeck. Information Morning host Steve Sutherland and community historian Jim St. Clair take a trip.

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  • Wednesday September 28, 2016

    Audio Richmond Candidates District 2

    Today, we speak with three of the five candidates looking to represent District 2 in Richmond County - Larry Keating, Alvin Martell and Gina Stanley. Candidates Victor David and Marcel Boudreau were unable to attend our discussion.

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  • Tuesday September 27, 2016

    Audio CBRM Candidates District 10

    Our roundtable discussions with candidates in various Cape Breton districts continues. Today, District 10, where Darren Bruckschwaiger, Dave Wilson, and Brian Shaw are vying for your vote in Dominion and parts of Glace Bay.

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  • Monday September 26, 2016

    Audio Breakfast Biographies - Joan Jessome

    Most people in Nova Scotia know the name Joan Jessome because of her work with the NSGEU. Learn about her fascinating life as labour leader, fighter, grandmother, and "the most hated woman in Nova Scotia" in "The Breakfast Biographies."

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  • Friday September 23, 2016

    Audio Issue Panel 0923

    Now, a brand new season of the Information Morning Issue Panel with panelists Kim Desveaux, Jenn Power, and Chris Milburn. Every second week, a rotating roster of talkative and opinionated Cape Bretoners offer their take on the stories of the week.

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