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  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio Rally For Teachers In Sydney

    Yesterday, the talk of the province was school being cancelled by the NS Education Minister. Hundreds of people lined the sidewalks outside the Provincial Building to demonstrate in support of NS teachers. Reporter Joan Weeks spoke with some participants.

    Listen 5:44
  • Tuesday December 06, 2016

    Audio NSTU Update - Liette Doucet

    Students in Nova Scotia are heading back to school this morning. Education Minister Karen Casey announced yesterday that the student supervision issue had been clarified. To find out what has changed, we call NSTU President Liette Doucet.

    Listen 7:20
  • Monday December 05, 2016

    Audio NS Education Minister Karen Casey

    Your children are NOT going to school today... We ask the NS Minister of Education to elaborate on why students are not in school. Karen Casey explains what happens next in her showdown with the province's teachers.

    Listen 11:10
  • Monday December 05, 2016

    Audio NSTU President Liette Doucet

    We ask Liette Doucet of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union for her take on the Nova Scotia government's decision to cancel classes for students today as teachers across the province prepared to "work to rule".

    Listen 6:46
  • Monday December 05, 2016

    Audio CB Reaction to Government + Teachers

    Reporter Norma Jean MacPhee chatted with Cape Bretoners about the Nova Scotia government's weekend decision to cancel classes for students today as NSTU members planned to "work to rule".

    Listen 5:47
  • Monday December 05, 2016

    Audio Support and Share Session

    Recently, we heard that the CB flood response is starting to turn the focus from physical needs, to mental ones. Wynn MacNeil of Bereaved Families of CB is part of a group setting up a share and support program for those affected by the flood.

    Listen 6:24
  • Friday December 02, 2016

    Audio NSP Performance Review

    Nova Scotia's consumer advocate, John Merrick, discusses the upcoming assessment of Nova Scotia Power, and how the utility's performance will come under scrutiny by the UARB and what penalties the company may incur if it doesn't meet expectations.

    Listen 7:18
  • Friday December 02, 2016

    Audio Vital Awards 4 - Frances Burton

    Another VITAL Cape Bretoner has been recognized by the CB Partnership for making a difference in their community. Meet Frances Burton who co-ordinates volunteers for the Youth Peer Project, part of the non-profit Educational Program Innovations Charity.

    Listen 3:07


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