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  • Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Audio Popcorn Interview - Ruth Boutilier

    In advance of our Breakfast Biographies profile interview with ski and yoga instructor, Ruth Boutilier. We subject Ruth to our patented Information Morning Popcorn Interview treatment... and when asked, what scares her? She said, "Not Much!"

    Listen 2:57
  • Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Audio CaperBase Expansion

    Mental Health Help... Find out why the mental health and addictions outreach program for youth called "CaperBase" is expanding in Cape Breton. Dr. Julie MacDonald is the Manager of Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services for the eastern zone.

    Listen 10:08
  • Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Audio Whitney Pier Rink Funding?

    Plans to open the Whitney Pier Rink this season are currently on ice as the board anxiously awaits word about relief funding from the CBRM and the provincial government. Reporter Joan Weeks spoke to board member Kim Sheppard and MLA Derek Mombourquette.

    Listen 8:10
  • Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Audio Jim St. Clair - Northend Apparition

    Community historian Jim St. Clair enlightens and frightens us with a supernatural tale from Sydney's northend - an eerie story of the strange apparition seen by 2 British soldiers in mid-October in the year Sydney was founded - 1785.

    Listen 7:01
  • Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Audio Investor Refunds - Yvonne Colbert

    If you have a mutual fund, RRSP or any other investment, you could be entitled to a refund, all the major banks and some other companies have overcharged investors hundreds of millions of dollars in fees. Consumer Reporter Yvonne Colbert has the details.

    Listen 10:01
  • Tuesday October 17, 2017

    Audio Parks Canada Artist-in-Residence

    My Art's in the Highlands... Parks Canada and the Centre for Craft and Design are offering an interesting experiment - an Artist-in-Residence program in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, we get the details from Maria O'Hearn and Lori Burke.

    Listen 6:17
  • Tuesday October 17, 2017

    Audio Inverness Bursary

    An Inverness County family has established a student bursary in perpetuity, funded by the sale of the old family farm. Cameron McKinnon, a great-grandson of Charles and Christina Jamieson, has details of the bursary, and his ancestors.

    Listen 9:04
  • Monday October 16, 2017

    Audio CBRM Councillors 1st Anniversary

    On the first anniversary of their election, we invited the 4 rookie CBRM councillors in for a chat, asking how the reality of the job compares with their expectations. Only 3 could make it, Amanda MacDougall, Earlene MacMullin and Kendra Coombes.

    Listen 16:10


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