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  • Thursday October 27, 2016

    Audio Department of Transportation Update

    On The Right Road. It's been about two and half weeks since record rainfall in parts of Cape Breton caused flooding and severe damage. We contact Roy MacDonald, Area Manager with the NS Department of Transportation, to get an update on repairs.

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  • Thursday October 27, 2016

    Audio Breakfast Biographies - Andrew Prossin

    The Breakfast Biographies is our series of profile interviews with interesting Cape Breton characters. Next, originally from Westmount, an adventurer, entrepreneur, mariner, and the managing director of One Ocean Expeditions - Andrew Prossin.

    Listen 17:52
  • Wednesday October 26, 2016

    Audio NSTU Strike Vote - YES

    Teachers had their say. We discuss yesterday's strike vote by Nova Scotia teachers, they voted 96% in favour of a strike mandate. Liette Doucet is the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union president, she tells us what comes next.

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  • Wednesday October 26, 2016

    Audio Hub School Rejection

    The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board voted to reject the hub proposal by the George D. Lewis Hub School Society. Reporter Holly Conners spoke to Society vice-president Brett Hanham, and to school board chair Lorne Green.

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  • Wednesday October 26, 2016

    Audio Cross Canada Canoe Trip

    Up The Creek... We have a feature interview with Mike Ranta from Atikokan, Ontario. He is the man who just paddled all the way from Canada's West coast to the shores of Dominion Beach via canoe with expedition partner, his dog, Spitzii.

    Listen 10:42
  • Wednesday October 26, 2016

    Audio Popcorn Interview - Andrew Prossin

    Time now for another of our patented Popcorn Interviews... today, our guest is the Cape Breton-born founder of a globally-competitive, ocean-going charter company called "One Ocean Expeditions", Andrew Prossin of Westmount.

    Listen 4:00
  • Tuesday October 25, 2016

    Audio No Development Zone

    Homes that were in the epicentre of the Thanksgiving Day storm in Sydney are going to be torn down... and it's likely no more will be allowed to be built. Homeowners Anna Mae Muise and Tom Penney agree on a 'no development zone' for the area.

    Listen 3:42
  • Tuesday October 25, 2016

    Audio Salvation Army - Flood Funds

    We check in with the Salvation Army in Sydney and its efforts to distribute government and fundraised money to those affected by flooding. Captain Corey Vincent explains the process and the progress of distributing the emergency aid.

    Listen 11:06



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