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  • Tuesday October 17, 2017

    Audio Parks Canada Artist-in-Residence

    My Art's in the Highlands... Parks Canada and the Centre for Craft and Design are offering an interesting experiment - an Artist-in-Residence program in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, we get the details from Maria O'Hearn and Lori Burke.

    Listen 6:17
  • Tuesday October 17, 2017

    Audio Inverness Bursary

    An Inverness County family has established a student bursary in perpetuity, funded by the sale of the old family farm. Cameron McKinnon, a great-grandson of Charles and Christina Jamieson, has details of the bursary, and his ancestors.

    Listen 9:04
  • Monday October 16, 2017

    Audio CBRM Councillors 1st Anniversary

    On the first anniversary of their election, we invited the 4 rookie CBRM councillors in for a chat, asking how the reality of the job compares with their expectations. Only 3 could make it, Amanda MacDougall, Earlene MacMullin and Kendra Coombes.

    Listen 16:10
  • Monday October 16, 2017

    Audio Breakfast Biographies - Kirk MacRae

    Former business person of the year, entrepreneur, community volunteer and political enthusiast Kirk MacRae is our next guest, in Part 7, on The Breakfast Biographies - a series of profile interviews with interesting and intriguing Cape Bretoners.

    Listen 17:11
  • Friday October 13, 2017

    Audio Issue Panel 1013

    Every second week we convene a rotating roster of talkative and opinionated Cape Bretoners to give us their take on the stories of the week. On today's edition of the Issue Panel, panelists are Nadine Bernard, Ross Hunter, and Mike Kelloway.

    Listen 20:14
  • Friday October 13, 2017

    Audio Privacy Law Breach

    Reporter Jean Laroche has more on the privacy law breach involving cameras at the Rankin School of the Narrows in Iona. Nova Scotia's Information and Privacy Commissioner has ruled the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board broke the law.

    Listen 8:46
  • Friday October 13, 2017

    Audio Underworld LARP CB Event

    Fortress Louisbourg can be a magical place, of sorts. And this weekend, it'll be a place for those who love magical realms. We hear about a fantasy role playing event there. Alex Morrison is one of the owners of a live action role playing company.

    Listen 8:47
  • Friday October 13, 2017

    Audio Popcorn Interview - Kirk MacRae

    Now, a man who treated people to sandwiches gets treated to the patented Information Morning "Popcorn" interview. We meet a tireless community volunteer, avid fan of politics, and former owner of Subway outlets in the area, entrepreneur Kirk MacRae.

    Listen 3:12


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