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  • Monday April 24, 2017

    Audio NDP Launch Election Campaign

    Yesterday, the New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia launched its election campaign at an event in downtown Dartmouth. Reporter Michael Gorman was in attendance and he offers his take on what he saw and heard from the NDP.

    Listen 8:40
  • Monday April 24, 2017

    Audio Gentle Warrior Follow-Up

    It's been a busy year for Eskasoni highschool student Kalolin Johnson with the success of the school's song project "Gentle Warrior". The video has over 40-thousand views, the song has an ECMA nomination, and now, there's a follow-up song.

    Listen 10:45
  • Friday April 21, 2017

    Audio Galloping Cows

    Galloping along, despite her disability. We meet a Port Hood businesswoman who has received an award from the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network. Joanne Schmidt of Galloping Cows Fine Foods in Port Hood shared her story.

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  • Friday April 21, 2017

    Audio Port Hawkesbury Airport

    Things are looking up at the Port Hawkesbury Airport. Negotiations are underway for a new group to take over management, to expand and promote the site. We heard from the councillor for the area, John Dowling.

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  • Friday April 21, 2017

    Audio Draft Attendance Policy

    Getting tough on truancy. The Minister of Education, Karen Casey, outlines a new draft policy on student attendance and engagement.

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  • Thursday April 20, 2017

    Audio Municipal Election Campaign Donations

    The municipal money trail. A CBC News Investigation has found that most campaign donations in CBRM's 2016 Municipal Election came from businesses and unions. Rules around who can donate what, may be about to change.

    Listen 9:23
  • Thursday April 20, 2017

    Audio Breton Ability Centre Expansion

    More space at the Breton Ability Centre in Sydney River means more people with disabilities will benefit from its programs. We spoke with David Farmer, the senior manager of Community and Business Development with Breton Ability Centre.

    Listen 5:49
  • Wednesday April 19, 2017

    Audio Dalbrae Schools Meeting

    The threat of school closure was up for debate in Inverness County last night. The School Options Committee for the Dalbrae system of schools presented its final recommendation to the community. We spoke with Damian MacInnis.

    Listen 9:52


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