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  • Friday August 18, 2017

    Audio Gabarus Film - Only 78

    Celebrating the spirit of Gabarus on the big screen... Jawad Mir is a documentary maker from Toronto, he has created a film that provides an overview of important milestones from 2011 to today in Gabarus. He spoke with CBC Reporter Hal Higgins.

    Listen 7:05
  • Thursday August 17, 2017

    Audio Cape Breton County Exhibition

    Reporter Jennifer Ludlow visited the Ex on the Northside... and heard from a woman who's been showing horses for most of her life. Laurie Dawn Reginato shares her passion of showing horses with her daughters, including eight-year-old Bella.

    Listen 7:13
  • Thursday August 17, 2017

    Audio The Tele-Medicine Option

    A Glace Bay pharmacist wants Nova Scotia to emulate a Newfoundland practice in order to deal with opioid addiction. Pharmacist Jody Pilling believes using a Tele-Medicine model in rural areas would give quicker access to withdrawal maintenance.

    Listen 5:49
  • Thursday August 17, 2017

    Audio People and Places - Neville Park

    People and Places is our weekly look at the Cape Bretoners for whom buildings and public spaces are named on the Island. Associate Producer Nicole MacLennan and historian Vanessa Childs-Rolls head to Whitney Pier to talk about Carl Neville.

    Listen 6:03
  • Thursday August 17, 2017

    Audio Cuff on Lingan Golf Course

    As Cape Breton's world-class golf courses continue to attract world-wide attention, our sports guy Charlie Cuff looks at how one of the Island's older, storied courses is keeping up with the times. Today, he takes a swing out to the Lingan Golf Course.

    Listen 8:07
  • Thursday August 17, 2017

    Audio Marconi Museum at Table Head

    With visitor numbers up, Reporter George Mortimer takes a tour of the Marconi Museum at Table Head in Glace Bay. The site is dedicated to the work of Guglielmo Marconi, who sent the first wireless message from North America to Europe in 1902.

    Listen 10:51
  • Wednesday August 16, 2017

    Audio Atlantic Burn Camp 2017

    Reporter George Mortimer goes to New Campbellton, near the base of Kelly's Mountain, to meet 2 participants taking part in this year's Atlantic Burn Camp -- including a burn victim who was a camper and is now a counsellor.

    Listen 5:09
  • Wednesday August 16, 2017

    Audio Jim St. Clair - Burke Surname in CB

    Community historian Jim St. Clair and guest host David Burke play the Name Game as they talk about how and why many surnames have changed their spellings in Cape Breton over the years, as they look back at the origin of the Burkes.

    Listen 7:44


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