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  • Friday February 23, 2018

    Audio They went on a trip... and so did their car

    Taken For A Ride. A couple in East Bay are sharing their experience of leaving their car at the Quality Inn in Halifax, only to find it had been taken for a three-thousand kilometre spin.

    Listen 2:52
  • Wednesday February 21, 2018

    Audio Then and Now - West Mabou Park

    A Walk In the Park. With talk of a golf course possibly going in around West Mabou Provincial Park, our community historian, Jim St. Clair, peers into the past to highlight some of the area's interesting historical highlights.

    Listen 6:33
  • Wednesday February 21, 2018

    Audio Home and Away: A Hockey Musical

    A new musical about hockey has stick-handled its way to the Boardmore Playhouse. We spoke with Charlie Rhindress, who wrote the book the play is based on.

    Listen 7:39
  • Tuesday February 20, 2018

    Audio Collaborative care in NS

    The Collaborative Care Model 1-0-1. The government says it's interested in creating more and strengthening the existing collaborative family practice teams in the province. Its first step is explaining how the idea works and getting input from the public. We spoke with Kathy Bell, the director of Primary Health Care, Chronic Disease and Family Practice for the Eastern Zone of Nova Scotia Health Authority to learn more.

    Listen 12:19
  • Friday February 16, 2018

    Audio Education minister responds to concerns from educators & volunteers

    The Minister of Education is in Cape Breton, where he met with select members of student advisory committees about the upcoming changes. We spoke with him on the show.

    Listen 14:40
  • Friday February 16, 2018

    Audio One-of-a-kind leatherback in the Bras d'Or starved to death

    We heard from Laura Bourque, a wildlife pathologist with the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative at the Veterinary College in Carlottetown, who helped perform a necropsy on the massive, leatherback turtle that washed up near Eskasoni.

    Listen 5:04
  • Thursday February 15, 2018

    Audio How did that leatherback turtle get HERE??

    Following the track of a dead leatherback. After yesterdays' program, in which we discussed that 7 foot, 800 pound, deceased leatherback turtle on the Bras d'Or, we spoke with DFO to learn more about the species and what happened to the turtle itself.

    Listen 9:30
  • Thursday February 15, 2018

    Audio Principal says she'd rather become a teacher again than leave the union

    The "Principal" of the Matter. If the Liberals go through with their decision to remove principals and vice-principals from the union, Lois Landry from Louisdale, says she'll give up her role as a principal and return to teaching.

    Listen 11:12


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