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  • Thursday October 20, 2016

    Audio Craft Brewing Industry in NS

    Jeremy White, the owner of Cape Breton's Big Spruce Brewing, says the province is unfair to microbreweries like his. Randy Delorey is Nova Scotia's Minister of Finance, the department responsible for the NSLC, responds.

    Listen 9:43
  • Thursday October 20, 2016

    Audio Flood - NS Department of Environment

    Inspectors from the Environment Department are in the CBRM checking out the flooded areas. We ask Adrian Fuller, Executive Director of Compliance for the Nova Scotia Department of Environment, what they're doing, and what they're finding.

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  • Thursday October 20, 2016

    Audio Minister of Education and NSTU President

    Some say it's an olive branch, others say she's poking a stick. But the Minister of Education's offer to teachers to create "the partnership on systemic working conditions" has been accepted. Karen Casey and Liette Doucet talk about that.

    Listen 11:40
  • Thursday October 20, 2016

    Audio Breakfast Biographies - Lindsay Marshall

    The next guest in our series "The Breakfast Biographies", is Lindsay Marshall. He has been a leader in his community, and that leadership has taken a number of forms. He's been a poet, a politician, a band councilor, and Chief of Potlotek First Nation.

    Listen 16:03
  • Wednesday October 19, 2016

    Audio Insurance Questions - Amanda Dean

    Many questions about "what is and what is NOT" covered by insurance are being asked this week, after last week's flood and wind storm. Amanda Dean, Vice President Atlantic for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, answers some of those questions.

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  • Wednesday October 19, 2016

    Audio Rankin MacSween Responds

    In our conversation yesterday, Cecil Clarke, the re-elected Mayor of the CBRM, raised the claim that his opponent's campaign was the most negative he'd ever been associated with. This morning, his challenger Rankin MacSween responds.

    Listen 11:05
  • Wednesday October 19, 2016

    Audio Disaster Financial Assistance Fund

    The Disaster Financial Assistance Program is run through the NS EMO and it helps homeowners, small businesses, farmers and not-for-profit organizations recover from emergencies. Paul MacNeil, Manager of the DFA program, explains how it works.

    Listen 6:50
  • Wednesday October 19, 2016

    Audio Jim St. Clair - Mi'kmaq Birth Story

    On "Then and Now", community historian Jim St. Clair has the story of 2 families of different ethnic backgrounds united by the birth of a child, in honour of "Mi'kmaq History Month".

    Listen 5:25



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