A last-ditch effort is underway to help a struggling railcar plant in Pictou County.

Executives at Greenbrier Companies,which ownsTrentonWorks, are meeting in Oregon to discuss the fate of their Nova Scotiaplant.

Premier Rodney MacDonald saidTuesdaythe province has sent along aletter of support with plant managers offering financial assistance.

"I am certainly supportive of seeing the work and workers continue at that site," he told reporters.

"What we have indicated is that we are willing to financially provide assistance and to be involved, in association with the federal government as well, to help the company."

MacDonald said it was inappropriate to reveal how much money the government is willing to spend until he hears back from the company.

TrentonWorks had1,400people on its payroll a few years ago. Now there are only300 workers.

Greenbrier, which hasa railcar plant in Mexico,has called TrentonWorksits least competitive facility.

Last month, workers at TrentonWorks accepted a new three-year collective agreement that gives them pension improvements but no wage hikes.

A spokesman for Greenbrier couldn't be reached for comment, but the company will give a financialupdate on its operations on Wednesday.