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Premier-designate Stephen McNeil announced Kirby McVicar will be the chief of staff to the office of the premier. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

Premier-designate Stephen McNeil has appointed Kirby McVicar as the chief of staff to the office of the premier.

Since January 2011, McVicar has been the chief of staff of the Liberal caucus office.

"Over the last two and a half years, Kirby has played a major role in moving our team from Official Opposition to incoming government — his experience and skills are well-suited for important task of delivering on the mandate Nova Scotians have given us," McNeil said in a statement.

Nova Scotians gave the Liberals a decisive victory with a majority government in the Oct. 8 election, turfing the NDP government out of power. The decision marked the first time in 131 years that Nova Scotians haven't given an incumbent party a second chance at running the province.

Before joining the Liberal caucus office, McVicar served as the director of national operations for Maritime telecommunications company Eastlink.

He has also worked for Cape Breton MP Mark Eyking as his executive assistant. According to a news release, he has been involved with the Liberal party for most of his life.

"The opportunity to work with Premier-designate Stephen McNeil and the team he is assembling to govern Nova Scotia is not one I take lightly. I'm eager to take on this challenge and serve not only the premier, but the people of this province," said McVicar.

McVicar grew up in Cape Breton but now lives in Halifax.