Gena Dawe

Gena Dawe and her daughter Genevieve following a previous Blue Nose Marathon race. (Courtesey Gena Dawe)

A Halifax woman who is nearly eight months pregnant is running this weekend in a Blue Nose Marathon race to raise awareness about infertility.

Gena Dawe is lacing up her sneakers to join her four-year-old daughter Genevieve for Saturday’s four-kilometre youth run.

"When I became pregnant I just kind of did the math and I was like, 'Yeah, I can run at eight months, sure I'll be fine,'" Dawe says.

Dawe has polycystic ovarian syndrome and at the age of 16 was told she probably wouldn't have any children. She says the diagnosis left her feeling incomplete.

But with a daughter and a second child on the way, Dawe says she wants to let other people struggling with infertility to know there is hope.

"I guess I'd just want them to know you're not alone. And don’t give up," Dawe says.