People on the Potlotek First Nation got their running water back Thursday, but the band still needs the federal government to permanently fix the problem.

Band manager Lindsay Marshall said the electrical problem at the water treatment plant has happened three times.

He said they are using a second pump to do the job, but it’s just a temporary fix. The federal government is responsible for the permanent solution, but hasn’t responded to the band’s requests.

Marshall said the band ordered two new pumps anyway and will have to overhaul the plant's electrical system.

“We have to go ahead with it. We are advising funders that this is an emergency,” he said Thursday.

“We have to purchase water, potable water, for the community. We have to spend extra money on all this. All of that has to be recognized in some manner. We have no other option."

Marshall said the community has been asking the federal government for upgrades to its water system for a long time.