Potholes worse this year, says HRM

Halifax is filling more potholes this year compared to last, according to numbers provided by the city.
An Eastern Passage man says he'll fill potholes like these himself if the city doesn't soon. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Halifax is filling more potholes this year compared to last, according to numbers provided by the city.

Crews have already filled potholes 11,541 times this year. That's 4,423 more than all of 2013.

One Eastern Passage man is getting so impatient he says he’ll fill them in soon if work crews don’t show up.

Charles Oakey says he’s called the city four times over the last two months to report some of the ruts on Shore Road.

“There's one great big hole there and it needs to be repaved because when you drive up, you got to zig zag in order to avoid the holes,” he said.

When traffic is coming in the opposite direction Oakey says swerving is difficult.

Crews have sprayed white paint outlining some of the holes, but cars are still hitting the craters.

Oakey says he'll give the city another few weeks before he tries to fix the potholes himself.

“We'll have to see what we can get together and do something to fix them ourselves because it's getting hard on the cars,” he said.

On Tuesday crews were out repairing holes on Cornwallis Street.

The city says this year is worse for potholes.

“We're experiencing about a 60 or 70 per cent increase over the potholes. So we're doing now about 11,000, where we had done annually about 7,000,” said Chris Mitchell, Halifax’s manager of municipal operations.

The city says there are still more than 1,400 potholes left to fill.

Mitchell says it's important for people to report them, but adds when potholes are filled depends on where they are and how bad they are.

“If a person has called and they're sort of two or three weeks into it and they haven't had anyone come and deal with the pothole they're talking about, they can call in to municipal operations and we can actually try to figure out if we've got them scheduled for the week coming or sometime in the very near future,” he said.

Mitchell says the aim is to have all city potholes filled by mid-October.