Port Mulgrave? Town ponders name change

People in Mulgrave are being asked if the town should formally change its name to Port Mulgrave.

Can a four-letter word make a big difference for Mulgrave?

The little town on Nova Scotia's Strait of Canso is asking residents to decide if its name should be formally changed to Port Mulgrave.

Jeff Aitkens, chief administrative officer for the town, said the name change was recommended by a consultant looking at the community's economic potential.

"Oftentimes when developers or people do research on the town, they're not really aware that it has widespread access to an ice-free, deepwater port," he said.

Besides, he said, the community was known as Port Mulgrave a century ago.

A plebiscite will be held Oct. 18 in conjunction with the municipal election. A public meeting to discuss the change is scheduled for early next month.

Aitkens said the possibility of a name change has the town abuzz.

"Some people think it's a ridiculous idea and they don't see how it's going to benefit the town," he said. "Other people think it's a great idea and think it might attract economic development if it's known what this town has to offer."

Aitkens said the two candidates for mayor have already come out in support of Port Mulgrave.