An RCMP officer based in Port Hawkesbury will not be able to drive for a year.

Const. Stacey MacRae, 35, was sentenced Tuesday on a charge of impaired driving.

She has been an RCMP officer for seven years.

One night last September, around 1 a.m., she drove off Highway 19 near Long Point in Inverness County and into a ditch. 

A witness found her outside her car, slurring her words and smelling of alcohol. She was not on duty.

Her blood alcohol level was .206, more than twice the legal limit.

Both the Crown and the defence said a $1,200 fine and a year's driving suspension would be appropriate.

"Despite Ms. MacRae's occupation, we treat her as we do anyone else coming before the courts as a first offender," said Crown Attorney John MacDonald.

"The Crown requested the elevated fine because the readings are more than twice the legal limit, which is an aggravating factor specified in the Criminal Code," he said.

Justice Patrick Curran pointed out in court that MacRae's case did attract more notoriety than many drunk driving cases, because of her occupation.

When MacRae was first charged, she was put on leave with pay.

The force is also conducting an internal investigation.