The eight remaining members of the Port Hawkesbury Lions Club are preparing to end their work after 52 years of contributing to the community.

The club has provided high school bursaries and scholarships to students. Members have run fundraisers for wheelchairs, guide dogs, and fire and medical equipment.

But in the last few years, membership has dwindled so low, the leaders of the group say they can’t function any more.

In its heyday, there were 60 members in the club. Now, there are just eight.

Secretary Gordon Johnston says the remaining members are aging and the workload is just too much. He said younger people aren't interested in joining traditional service clubs.

Time to adapt

The Lions Club isn’t the only one struggling. The community’s Rotary Club has similar problems.

"Being a regular member of a regularly meeting club with rules and regulations and regular meetings and governance issues may not be appealing," said Pat Lamey, president of the Port Hawkesbury Rotary Club.

Lamey believes big, one-off; tangible projects are more appealing to young people and service clubs will have to adapt to survive.

With the Lions club closing, Lamey expects his group will be called upon to fill the gap.

The Lions will hand out the last of its student awards and grants and hold its final meeting the third week of June.

With files from Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith