Popular Dresden Row restaurant to close

An established downtown Halifax restaurant is closing its doors after 13 years in business.

Fid has been open for 13 years

 An established downtown Halifax restaurant is closing its doors after 13 years in business.  

Fid Resto on Dresden Row announced it will close at the end of May. (fidresto.ca)

The owners of Fid on Dresden Row made the announcement to staff on Sunday.  

Chef Dennis Johnston and his wife, Monica Bauche were pioneers in promoting local food and sustainable food choices.  

"This is not a decision based on the business climate in Halifax," he said.

Rather Johnston said it's a personal decision. He said the lease is up for renewal in May and he and Bauche reviewed their priorities.  

"We want to thank all of our loyal customers for dining with us over the years.  We also want to thank our incredible food suppliers — the farmers, fishers, foragers, wine makers and others who have been integral in putting Fid Resto on the map.  We’ve put a great deal of thought and consideration into our decision. While not easy, it feels right and we are looking forward to whatever the future holds for us both" said Johnston in a news release.  

About 13 years ago, the couple opened Fid as a fine dining restaurant. Four years ago they rebranded as Fid Resto to draw in a wider range of customer.  

But Johnston said the growing trend of local businesses shutting down is worrisome.  

Chef Craig Flinn is one of the owners of Chives, another celebrated restaurant downtown located on Barrington Street. Two doors down from Chives, plans are underway to open a new restaurant.  

"I have confidence in my location and our product and our brand but at the same time I am seriously concerned about what is happening in downtown Halifax," said Flinn. "And if we don't do something to make it more profitable and more sustainable for businesses to survive, we are going to have more of a dead downtown than we currently do."  

When asked whether he had plans to open another restaurant after taking a break, Johnston said he had no comment.  

Fid will close sometime in late May.