Halifax police are warning people to be wary of getting involved in discount travel clubs or time-share condos.

Police said they could wind up being victims of fraud.

It's happened in B.C. and Saskatchewan. People are asked to pay steep up-front fees and monthly dues to join a club that's supposed to offer them discount travel at a later point.

But in the Saskatchewan case, club members lost more than $130,000 as the business collapsed.

John Frank Veinot was sentenced to three years in prison for fraud in the Saskatchewan case.

CBC News has learned that Veinot has been released from prison and is now believed to be in Nova Scotia.

In 2005, when Saskatoon police were looking for him, he was found and arrested in Kentville, N.S., on a Canada-wide warrant.

Police caution would-be travellers to carefully check any company before they commit their money.