Cape Breton Regional Police say they have searched three residences in Glace Bay as part of the investigation into Laura Jessome's homicide.

Jessome's body was discovered in a hockey bag that was floating in the Mira River near Marion Bridge on May 25.

The police said several officers and the emergency response team executed search warrants at three locations.

They also seized a couple vehicles earlier in the week.

The police said the scenes are being "processed" but they are not revealing any more details. They also won't say what was found or what started the search.

"In sensitive investigations like the one we're conducting, the police are interested in preserving any evidence and not having too much information out there that can jeopardize the investigation," said Staff Sgt. Stephen MacKinnon.

MacKinnon adds the police have made no arrests, but they're investigating many tips from the public.

But he wouldn't say what sparked this week's search warrants.

"All I can say is that is information police have obtained through their investigation," he said.

The police spent days scouring the river for more evidence, but they haven't said if anything was found.

Last week, Jessome's family urged the killer to come forward and made a public plea for anyone with information to contact the police.