Police rule out SUV in Agricola Street accident

Halifax Regional Police say the driver of an SUV linked to an accident earlier this week in north-end Halifax was not involved in the crash.
Two pedestrians were seriously hurt at the intersection of Agricola and North Streets on Wednesday. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

Halifax Regional Police say the driver of an SUV linked to an accident earlier this week in north-end Halifax was not involved in the crash.

Police released photos of the vehicle Friday morning and tracked the driver and vehicle down that afternoon. Neither were directly involved in the crash, police said. 

At first police said they believed a light-coloured sport utility vehicle was travelling northbound on Agricola Street near North Street Wednesday afternoon when it hit a car, which sent that car spinning into a third car that ended up on the sidewalk.

Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages said investigators now believe that while the SUV was present at the time of the crash, it didn't hit anything.

Police said the vehicle didn't commit any other traffic offences.

Police are not searching for another vehicle.

Two women walking on the sidewalk at the time were seriously injured and rushed to hospital. One woman was pinned between a car and a pole and suffered numerous broken bones and internal injuries, said Bourdages. The other woman was thrown and suffered relatively minor injuries.

'One woman went flying'

“It was horrible, it was absolutely horrific to see,” said Vanessa Burns, who was just a few steps behind the two victims.

“One woman went flying in the air and the other woman, unfortunately, was pinned underneath the car. I flew back and stood against the wall of the bakery on the corner,” she told CBC Friday. 

“It’s difficult to witness something like that when you see bodies flying through the air ... I was very, very upset. Had I taken two or three quicker steps on my walk up Agricola, it would have been three of us that were injured that day."  

Burns said the experience was traumatic for all of the witnesses but she feels especially bad for the young woman who was driving the car that hit the victims following the chain reaction caused by the SUV.

“I really hope that she can understand that it’s not her fault. I can't imagine being in her shoes,” said Burns.

She said the crash has had a lasting impact on her.

“I’ve walked this city for 20-plus years. It’s how I get to work. That intersection for me has been part of my daily routine for a long, long time and walking by today — oh my God — and seeing the pieces of cars and realizing how close it could have been was a little emotional, to say the least,” she said tearfully.  

“Life is precious and you never know what can happen so I just held my head high and walked through and gave a little thought to what happened a couple of days ago and — it’ll get easier.”