A father and daughter were among the five people who died Sunday when two motorcycles and a car collided in Lunenburg County.

The RCMPreleased the names of the victims Monday.

Gary Clarence Robar, 58, and his partner, Ann Louise Lyons, 57, were on one of the motorbikes, while Robar's daughter, Tanya Louise Robar, 34, and her boyfriend, Michael George Everett, 40, were on the other one.

Raella Dean Haines, 23, was a passenger in the car.

The crash happened just before 1:30 p.m. Sunday on Highway 103 near Blockhouse.

Faye Robar passed the section of road onher way back from Halifax Sunday afternoon, but she didn't know until hours later that her son, Gary, her granddaughter and their partnerswere killed.

"Ijust couldn't believe it," she said. "I still don't think it's true.It's bad enough when it's one in the family, but when it comes to four, it hits very hard."

The driver of the Ford Taurus, Haines' mother, Roberta,remains in hospital with life-threatening injuries, while Haines' infant boy suffered minor injuries and is back at home with his father.

The RCMP said it could be some time before they determine what caused the collision because they cannot speak to the driver, but they ruled out alcohol as a factor and said the roads were in good condition.

MotorcyclistGeorge Hubley, who arrived at the scene just after the crash, is also waiting for answers.

"As a motorcycle driver, it is one of the worst things you can imagine, coming along and seeing another motorcycle accident," he said. "It puts a chill in you for a long while."