Police identify person responsible for suspicious package

The suspicious package delivered to a Spring Garden Road address Wednesday morning is still being investigated, but police have identified the person who deposited the envelope.

Spring Garden Road re-opens after three-hour alarm

Police have identified the person who delivered a suspicious package to a bank on Spring Garden Road Wednesday.

Someone put an envelope containing cash and a baggie filled with white powder into a bank machine. Police say they are looking into the possiblity that there may have been a mix-up.

"We have identified who deposited the envelope and are exploring the possibility that the baggie got mixed up with a regular bank transaction and was not added for any malicious intent," said Brian Palmeter, a spokesman for Halifax Regional Police in an email to CBC News.

Police and fire crews in Halifax shut down part of Spring Garden Road after the package was discovered by staff.

Several fire trucks and police cars raced to the Credit Union Atlantic at 5670 Spring Garden Road just after 9 a.m.

There were no injuries or illnesses reported, Palmeter said.

"Three people were isolated temporarily, but were released once it was determined that the substance, while not identified, would only be harmful if ingested," he said in a media release.

The CBC's Paul Palmeter was on the scene and reports that the building remained open and was not evacuated.

Paul Palmeter said some officials wore hazmat suits and had set up a decontamination shower as a precaution. Police had closed part of Spring Garden Road.

Police determined the powder was not dangerous, but it is being sent for further examination.

Officials finished their work just before noon. The street was re-opened and fire and police officials left the Credit Union Atlantic.