Police inthe Torontoareasay they have a Nova Scotia-based pimping ring on the run.

Investigators in the Peel region have been cracking down on a group called North Preston's Finest, a gang they describe as violent pimps who force girls into stripping and prostitution.

For the past three weekends, officers have converged on strip clubs where they say the pimps control the dancers.

"Basically, it's in-your-face policing," said Det. Randy Cowan, with the Peel vice unit.

"In a short amount of time, we've noticed success with fewer gang members and fewer North Preston members, and our intelligence tells us they are moving out to other areas."

He said Peel investigators are advising police in otherregions on how the NPF operates and how to shut down the group.

The gang is named after North Preston, a community near Halifax. Police say members are recognizable by their NPF tattoos and are caught up inthehip-hop gangsta lifestyle.