Police in the Halifax region say they’re cracking down on the growing problem of drivers who participate in dangerous driving behaviour.

Last Sunday, Const. Pierre Bourdages said nearly 200 cars gathered to show off their cars, squealing tires and revving engines at Point Pleasant Park while dozens of people watched.

Bourdages said it’s easy for these situations to spin out of control.

"We don't want one of these individuals to lose control and then smash into people there just to watch it. These are illegal and can be charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for dangerous driving for stunting," he said.

Bourdages said the problem is getting worse.

"Every weekend there's more and more people coming down. It's creating a nuisance. We've had numerous complaints of dangerous driving, alcohol consumption, littering. People living in the area are just fed up with the amount of people that are here," he said.

Police have promised to increase patrols around the park.

Todd Calder lives just up the street from the park. He said the city should also install speed bumps leading into the park.

"It's like a drag strip where some very fast cars want to go down and display their car which is fine but it's the speeding on this Point Pleasant Drive which really concerns me," he said.

Corey Beaver said he regularly comes down to the park to watch the cars in action.

"It's not going to stop it, It will slow it down at least here. They'll do it other places anyways. It's not going to stop it that's for sure."

Police said not only could this kind of behaviour cost you a new set of tires, but also the loss of your vehicle and a stunting fine of more than $2,400.