Police confirm senior was slain

Police in Cape Breton are looking for the killer of an 82-year-old Dominion man.

Police in Cape Breton are looking for the killer of an 82-year-oldSecond World War veteran fromDominion.

Harold Slaunwhite was found dead in his home last Sunday afternoon by a relative.

Sgt. Ken O'Neill said Friday thatinvestigators determined it was a homicide based on evidence found at thescene, witnesses and forensic information. But hewouldn't sayanything about how Slaunwhite was killed.

"At this point we have no suspects," O'Neill told reporters.

Slaunwhite lived alone and neighbours say he was often tormented by young vandals, who would break his trees and once torched his picnic table.

O'Neill said investigators are looking into those complaints and will follow up on any information that's of value to the case.

Slaunwhite was last seen Saturday driving his 2005 blue Taurus around Dominion.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact them so investigators can establish a timeline from Saturday to Sunday afternoon.