The Halifax Regional Municipality is seeking public input into how to improve Point Pleasant Park.

An online survey is collecting feedback on people's use of the park and includes questions on signage quantity and placement.

"It's a tranquil place; it's nice," said David Carr, who spent Tuesday riding through the park on a scooter.


Richard Tilley of the Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee says most people follow the rules at the park, but there are exceptions. (CBC)

"You see people walking their dogs, and the rest of the world, hell with it."

Park user John Langille said people are generally very respectful of the park rules.

"They got lots of garbage cans here; there's not too much litter going on," he said. "The people that walk their dogs are picking up their litter."

But the Point Pleasant Park Advisory Committee says it gets daily reports about safety concerns such as cyclists riding too fast and dogs in no-dog zones.

"There's a small percentage of people who just don't follow the rules. There's one right over there. It's a no-dog area and there's a dog," said committee member Richard Tilley.

The committee's online questionnaire is eight pages long and covers issues from parking to arts events. It can be filled out until the end of September and it will guide future funding and policy decisions about the park.

"We haven't had a survey of this sort for at least 10 years, and it's well and truly time to do another one and get the opinions of the city but the public in general," said Tilley.