Although the Harvard Street poetry board in Halifax's west end may seem like a mystery to many, there is a person behind the jottings.

Every spring, a chalkboard appears bearing poems.

"And I'm sure everybody who walks by reads them. I'm sure, you can't help. There's giant board of poetry, on a lawn!" said Carla Sherman.

'It's a little injection of surprise and unexpectedness that recharges our spirit.' - Sue Goyette

Kyle Davis also enjoys the board and its poetic messages.

"I've seen it a few different times on my way to the grocery store. And I tell you, especially at this time of year, messages like that, about spring and whatnot, pretty uplifting, I've got to say," said.

Justine Correia says she thinks it's a "wonderful mystery person" behind the poems.

In fact, the stealthy curator is Sue Goyette.

Halifax poet Sue Goyette

Poet Sue Goyette says her neighbourhood poetry board is intended to recharge the spirit. (CBC)

"I think it's just a good opportunity for people to walk by and slow down and read something and be still for a moment out of our busy, busy hurried days," said Goyette.

"I think it's a little injection of surprise and unexpectedness that recharges our spirit. And we all need that."

Goyette has a full view of the board from her kitchen sink.

"Immediately I drop. I stop drop and roll. I will fall to the floor and give them that privacy. And then slink back to my living room and give them a few minutes of privacy because I think that's the best way to encounter a poem."

Goyette also writes poetry herself.

Her latest book, Ocean, just made the short list for the Griffin, Canada's most generous poetry prize.

"I found out on Tuesday morning, and every morning I wake up and I think, 'What's going on, do I have a fever?' And I'm really happy," said Goyette.

Meanwhile, the poetry board continues to garner fans.

"I got a note this morning: 'The morning after the board goes up, this is almost better than spring coming. The board is back.' And I thought, 'this is really nice,'" said Goyette.

The Griffin prize will be awarded at a gala in early June.