Homesick Nova Scotians working out west and pining for a taste of home this Christmas are helping keep business booming for pizza shops in Pictou County.

For $100, UPS says it can get two pizzas from New Glasgow to Fort McMurray in two days.

Rhonda Cougias​ is one of the owners at Acropole​, a purveyor of the highly-prized brown pizza from Pictou County.

“It’s not your typical pizza sauce, the red sauce that you see. It’s a brown sauce. It’s got vegetables in it, herbs and spices. It’s a secret sauce,” she said.

"It’s just as addictive as Tim Hortons coffee."

Lobster from Nova Scotia jet set around the world to feed people on Christmas Day, but Cougias​ said the nostalgic tastes and smells of pizza are comfort food.

“It started with them at school and now they have moved away and are wanting the pizzas,” she said.

Cougias said they’ve seen their business boom in the last five years.

“People didn’t realize how easy it was to do; they thought it was pretty well impossible,” she said.

"One of our regular customers who lives out in Fort McMurray, her sister came in, got the pizzas, froze them, shipped them out. Sent us a picture, they look just as good as when they were made."

And it’s not just the pizza shop and UPS cashing in.

Hours away in Halifax,  the smoke house at Brothers Meats, another taste of home for Nova Scotia expats, makes the pepperoni for the brown pizza.

Cindy Kelbrat hauls 20 pounds of links on a stick as travellers line up to get a supply for their suitcase or for their back seats.

“This time of year we are here around sixteen hours a day,” she said.

Back at Acropole, Cougias said she’s been getting texts from people thanking her for making them pizza.

“Got to have the taste of home,” she said.