Peter Stoffer has put a quick end to theories that he’ll gun for the leadership of Nova Scotia's NDP party. The member of Parliament says he's not running, mostly because of his age.

"In realistic terms, I honestly believe that the party should look for someone who's a little younger in that regard, with the vigour and the stamina plus the social media connections that I simply don't have — the ability to move forward in a more modern age," he said.

Stoffer, 58, said he gave the opportunity a lot of consideration, but he said the party needs to rebuild and learn from its collapse in the October provincial election. The NDP were left with just 7 seats. Outgoing leader Darrell Dexter also lost his race. Dexter stepped down as leader last week.

Stoffer said no one is to blame for the loss of the election. He said a lack of organization was partially to blame, as several ridings weren't ready when the writ was dropped.

Meanwhile, the long-time MP isn’t ruling out a run in the 2015 federal election. He said he'll make a final decision on his birthday in January of that year.

Stoffer was just named parliamentarian of the year by Maclean's Magazine, a title awarded by a peer vote.

"I was extremely shocked and surprised and very honoured," he said.