A favourite winter brew is making its way back into the hands of eager Nova Scotians.

Coade Word: Snowmaggedon, the beer inspired by CBC meteorologist Peter Coade is returning for another winter.   

"I'm a bit of a CBC junkie," said Jeremy White, founder and alesmith at Big Spruce Brewing. 

He listens to CBC radio almost everyday and says Peter Coade has an almost iconic status as a meteorologist in Atlantic Canada. 

"We wanted to do something in the way of a winter warmer beer it just happened to coincide with the last couple of winters when things were pretty crazy in terms of severity of winter. We decided to give it a bit of an interesting name and also a nod to him at the same time." 

Peter Coade CBC meteorologist

Peter Coade CBC meteorologist and the inspiration for the beer called Coade Word: Snowmaggedon. (CBC)

Last year was the first time Coade Word: Snowmaggedon was brewed. White estimates they sold about 1,300 litres or about 3,500 bottles of the beer. 

"It's a dark beer, an ale, brewed higher alcohol. We're looking at a beer that's going to be about eight and half per cent alcohol." 

"It's very earthy and full-flavoured its got a lot of body to it, you do get all of the caramel vanilla notes from the rum that we use in the tincture and you get a lot of multi-flavours from the grain bill that we use in this beer."  

White said the beer is almost exactly the same as the Coade brew they made last year. 

Coade likes the taste of Coade 

That suits Peter Coade just fine, he really enjoyed last year's beer. 

"I like a dark beer one that has taste to it, and it certainly does too," he said. 

"I like Guinness and I like the Big Spruce beer and this Snowmaggedon is a dark ale. I find it has much more body, much more taste to it than normal beers."  

Coade says he's touched that the beer that bears his name is making a comeback this year. 

"Twice honoured, doubly honoured  I'd have to say. Well I'm very proud of it, I'm very honoured to have them think of me."