A Nova Scotia woman facing theft charges and barred from dealings with dogs is now prohibited from buying, selling or giving away any animal.

Gail Benoit was convicted in 2009 of animal cruelty for selling sick and malnourished puppies. She appeared in Bridgewater provincial court on Tuesday as the Crown sought to extend her animal ban.

Lloyd Tancock, the Crown prosecutor, said he had witnesses prepared to testify in court but the defence did not challenge his motion. He said Benoit was previously barred from dealing with dogs, but now it's any animal.

"It was our concern that she shouldn't have any animals for sale, or buying, offering free — whatever," he said.

Benoit has been ordered to: "Not buy, sell, procure, take possession of or solicit for, or offer to buy, sell, procure or take possession of, any living creatures, whether wild or domesticated."

Benoit told reporters on Tuesday that she is misunderstood.

"You guys, you don't even know me," she said.

Benoit is due back in court later this month to enter a plea on the charge of stealing two dogs from New Brunswick. She's charged with fraud, theft under $5,000 and identity fraud in a case involving two white boxers she was supposed to be looking after for a New Brunswick woman.

In May, she asked the court to lift the ban on selling dogs as it was how she made her livelihood.

In January 2009, she was found guilty of two counts of animal cruelty for selling sick and malnourished dogs.