Percy Paris was charged after an incident in the house last spring.

Two charges against former Nova Scotia New Democratic MLA Percy Paris have been dismissed after the Crown reported Thursday he'd successfully completed an adult diversion program.

Paris was charged with assault and uttering threats following an altercation with Liberal MLA Keith Colwell in the men's bathroom at Province House on May 9.

A provincial court judge agreed in July to refer the case to the adult diversion program, which is intended to resolve matters outside the court system and is common for those without a criminal record.

At the time, Crown attorney Denise Smith explained that to be successful in the program, Paris would have to accept full responsibility for his actions.

At a short court appearance on Thursday, the Crown announced Paris had completed the program. Paris was not in court.

Completing the diversion program means Paris will not have a criminal record.

The 65-year-old resigned as the New Democratic Party's Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism after the scuffle and said although he'd "lost his cool," he never struck Colwell and the incident was blown out of proportion.

Paris continued to represent the Halifax-area riding of Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank until he lost his seat to Liberal Bill Horne in the Oct. 8 provincial election.