Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie launched his party’s election campaign Saturday, becoming the second provincial party leader to unveil election plans ahead of an actual election call.

Premier Darrell Dexter made the election announcement Saturday afternoon.

On Friday, the New Democratic Party leader took the unusual step of laying out his party's platform — before the actual election call.

In his pre-election call platform outline, Baillie suggested a bleak future for Nova Scotians if the PCs are not elected to lead the province.  

"The decision Nova Scotians make will determine what kind of future our children will inherit," he said.

"We can leave behind a Nova Scotia that looks like Detroit and Greece -- a ruined economy with no hope for a brighter future for tomorrow — that is the track that we are on now. Or we can give our children a Nova Scotia where they can make a life for themselves and families here at home in the future."


PC Leader Jamie Baillie launched his party's campaign Saturday.

Baillie went on to say that the province needs a change of direction.

"Four years ago Nova Scotians voted for something different. The change they got was not the change they were promised. They got higher taxes, more job losses, they got more debt, skyrocketing power bills and almost a $2-billion increase in provincial debt."

During the announcement, the PC leader took the opportunity to criticize the Liberal party as well.

"The Liberals of course want you to believe they're different, but on all the important questions they are the same as the NDP. When Nova Scotia's job creators and employers large and small said no to first contract arbitration, both Darrell Dexter and Stephen McNeil let them down. When Nova Scotians said they were tired of paying for gold-plated MLA pensions, both Dexter and McNeil ignored them," he said.

"We will not do that. We have not done that. We will not do that in the future. Over the coming weeks, I'll be showing Nova Scotians how the new Progressive Conservative team will give them the change they want. Change that works."

NDP MLA David Wilson criticized Baillie in a news release Saturday. He said that as chief of staff for the last PC government in power, Baillie will "carry the baggage of a party that spent recklessly on things like kiddie ATVs, allowed ER closures to skyrocket and forced seniors in nursing homes into bankruptcy."

"A leopard doesn’t change its spots," said Wilson. "Baillie and the [Progressive] Conservatives have a lot to answer for in the upcoming campaign."