More than a year after donations began pouring in to help a little Lower Sackville girl with cerebral palsy, much has changed for the Given family.

The house is renovated, there's a slip-resistant ramp and a wheelchair accessible van. Five-year-old Payton Given now has two wheelchairs, one electric, one manual.

"Amazing all the contributions. The community came together and really helped us out," father Brad Given said. "Some of the businesses really helped us out, as well."

Nearly $140,000 in donations have flowed in since CBC News told the family's story in October 2012.

At the time, Brad Given was recently widowed and bringing up triplets, one of them Payton. The couple didn't have life insurance and money was so tight that Brad Given couldn't afford a wheelchair for Payton.

To get around, she crawled on the floor.

Her story triggered a wave of support from around the world and donations followed.

Most of the money has been spent. The van alone cost $46,000. The powered wheelchair was $26,000.

The wall between the kitchen and living room was knocked down, to help dad keep a better eye on the kids. The triplets' bedroom was enlarged.

"It's been really good for Payton and her wheelchair," Brad Given said. "She's getting around a lot and there's a lot more freedom for her, independence."

Given said what little money is left will be spent on special leg braces for Payton as she grows older.