A Halifax man has been on the intersection of Spring Garden Road and Dresden Row since 10 a.m. on Wednesday, picking ice from the corners of crosswalks that he says city crews have neglected. 

Paul Vienneau use a manual wheelchair, and because of the compact ice on crosswalks and street corners, he has been unable to get around. 

"I haven't worked in over a month because I haven't been able to get anywhere," he said Wednesday.

"I opted out of a music gig two nights ago because I couldn't get to work and I had to cancel a paying photo shoot tomorrow night because I can't get to my studio."

On Tuesday, Vienneau put out a request on social media for people to meet him on the corner of Spring Garden Road and Dresden Row to take care of icy patches, which he feels is a safety issue. 

"I watched an old woman in an electric wheelchair yesterday, almost fall forward in her 300-pound chair at the corner of Dresden Row and Spring Garden Road," said Vienneau.

Throughout the day, people stopped to help, as well as thank Vienneau and deliver hot coffee.  

Vienneau believes the city has a plan for sidewalks and streets, but no plan to take care of the crosswalks and curbs around the municipality.

"This is not me crapping on the mayor like what has been done, I just sincerely believe that this is something that's sort of fallen between the cracks," he said.

"Maybe they need a dedicated crew to do these things."