Paul McCartney show a no-go in Halifax

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney will not be performing at the Halifax Common this summer.

Not enough time to set up summer concert, promoter says

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney will not be performing in Halifax this summer.

Concert promoter Harold MacKay had been trying to set up a show in the Halifax Common for June or July, but said Monday there wasn't enough time.

"The window was short and we knew that, so it didn't get completed. The lines of communication are open and we're going to try to keep them open for a possible future concert," said MacKay, owner of Power Promotions.

Earlier this month, MacKay took McCartney's senior tour staff to the central park, where the Rolling Stones played to 50,000 fans in September 2006.

He told CBC News at the time that they were impressed with the site and that it had been McCartney who had told them to come to Halifax.