A controversial New York City photographer, who documents parties around the world, has been barred from a scheduled appearance at a restaurant in downtown Halifax after a series of his tweets was deemed offensive by the restaurant's owner.

Photographer Kirill Bichutsky, who goes by the name Kirill Was Here, was to appear at The Argyle Grill and Bar on Saturday as part of a party organized by the This is After Dark entertainment company.

Bichutsky travels to nightclubs around the world taking photos of party-goers. His website, blog and Twitter account feature pictures of naked, inebriated women.

Many took to social media this weekend to express their anger with Bichutsky's scheduled visit. They were upset with the content of his Twitter account, which includes misogynistic tweets.

Ally Lord, a first-year student at the University of King's College in Halifax, posted a picture of the event's poster on Facebook and shared a message encouraging others to tear the posters down. She and her friends took down posters around Dalhousie University this weekend.

Lord said a friend told her about Bichutsky's tweets. 

"I was really surprised because I remember seeing all of the posters all over Halifax," she said.

"I decided to post [on Facebook] because I was infuriated."

'He's just bad news'

Chris Tzaneteas, the owner of The Argyle Grill and Bar, said he's been getting emails and calls about Bichutsky since Friday. Tzaneteas said he didn't know who Bichutsky was until he started getting the calls.

He described people as being outraged and disgusted. 

"Some folks that called said, 'Just go on his Twitter account and kind of see who he is all about.' Which I did, and I found some alarming and offensive tweets," Tzaneteas told CBC News on Monday. 


New York-photographer Kirill Bichutsky features pictures of naked, inebriated women on his website, blog and Twitter account. (CBC)

"I said, 'Whoa, OK, I've got a daughter, I've got a young son.' I definitely don't want their dad ever promoting anybody who has these kinds of values."

Tzaneteas called the promoter, Lee Fraser, on Saturday morning and told him that the party could go on, but Bichutsky wouldn't be allowed at the bar. 

"We're against anything this guy is for," said Tzaneteas.

"He's just bad news."

Bichutsky, who describes himself as a "Slut Whisperer" on Twitter, did not respond to calls and an email from CBC News.

'I party for a living'

A post on his Twitter feed Sunday said, "I party for a living. If you actually care what I have to say, then you're the problem, not me. Listening to a moron like me..."
An earlier post reads, "So many fat girls from Nova Scotia are mad that I'm coming to party. You're not gonna get into the party anyways. Cats can't be your +1."

Arjun Varma runs Rise Hali, which is selling tickets and promoting Saturday's event. The contact information for his company was included on many of the social media posts from people who were upset.

Varma said he's not the one putting the event on and he doesn't agree with the content of Bichutsky's tweets. People have been sending him emails about the event all weekend, he said.

"Everyone's been talking about my company and it's taking me so long to build my reputation and I will most likely lose business because of this," said Varma. 

"People have called me a rapist. People are calling me a misogynist." 

The event will still run this Saturday, but without Bichutsky. This is After Dark, the event promoter, confirmed in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon that Bichutsky would not be attending the event "due to things beyond our control."