In a meeting with over 100 people in attendance, the Halifax Regional School Board voted to keep Park West as a P-9 school Wednesday night.

Halifax's Park West has 800 students from primary to Grade 9. Overcrowding concerns prompted the school board to start a boundary review. 

After several public hearings over the past few months, the governing board voted six to four to keep Park West as a P-9 school. 

The boundary for Clayton Park Junior High is looking at being expanded.

The boundary for Clayton Park Junior High faced a possible expansion. (Halifax Regional School Board and Baragar Demographics)

Under the proposed change, junior high students from Park West would have attended Clayton Park Junior High School starting in September 2015.

Some parents were adamant about keeping Park West as it is.

One concern was that students in Grades 7 to 9 who lived less than 3.6 kilometres from the school would have to walk to school if they had to go to Clayton Park Junior High.

Board member Chris Abraham said Park West didn't have to change immediately, but will be have to be looked at again in the future.

"Clayton Park Jr. High is a good school,” he said. "It's about the people, not the building."

Some parents spoke of their concern over the use of portables and overcrowding at Park West. 

Two parents stormed out during the meeting. One, because the board would not let her 11-year-old daughter speak.

Several times, the school board chair Gin Yee had to warn people not to interrupt.