The province is putting $62,500 into a program at the Dartmouth Family Centre that offers in-home support for new parents. 

Money for the parenting journey program will allow a staff person to accompany parents to their homes and give them advice on child rearing. 

"It could be helping somebody to find a place to live, it could be helping somebody find some type of employment. It could also be helping a parent use positive discipline strategies," said Roxanne Manning, executive director of the Dartmouth Family Centre.   

The program is completely voluntary and is meant to help parents with children between the ages of three and six. A program already exists to help parents with younger children.  

The one year of funding is part of $1.2 million the provincial government announced in November to strengthen early intervention and prevention programs.

Amanda Nickerson uses the centre's parenting programs and said any additional support will be a big help. 

"I started coming here to talk to other mothers, I didn't really have any mothers in my area," she said. "So I started with the home visiting program and it was so nice to have somebody come in and let me know that I wasn't doing a bad job, to build my confidence."

The province plans to expand the parenting journey program to 15 communities and organizations throughout the province. Locations will be announced in the coming weeks.