A search-and-rescue technician was injured Tuesday afternoon during a training exercise in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley.

The accident happened near Aylesford Lake.

Capt. Scott Spurr, a military spokesman, said the technician broke his collar bone after he jumped out of a Hercules aircraft as part of a routine parachuting exercise.

The man was dressed for a landing in the water and had trouble untangling his parachute line, Spurr said.

"By the time he got those lines untangled, he realized he was going to miss the lake, and he decided he was going to go for a piece of land beside the lake itself," he said.

Spurr said the technician was immediately picked up by ground crews who were standing by, then taken to the hospital in Kentville.

No details were given about the injured military member, only that he's stationed at the airbase in Greenwood.