It's going to be another dry summer for Bedford residents who live near Paper Mill Lake, where repairs to an 80-year-old dam have been delayed again.

The water has been mostly drained from Paper Mill Lake since 2012 so the dam, which is privately owned by Annapolis Group Inc., could be replaced.

Tim Outhit, the councillor for the area, said he's been getting calls from people who live in the neighbourhood — even though it's not a city project.

"It's not complaints so much as just frustration and curiosity, because I think people realize that if the owner hadn't replaced this dam and had taken it out it would be a stream," he said.

"They want to have a lake."

Nick Betts, a spokesman for the Annapolis Group, said initially there were difficulties getting permits and then last year the weather caused problems. There are new federal standards for dams, he said.

"This is a one in a 100-year repair," he said.

The company now expects to have the project completed by September.

Once work on the dam is done, the surrounding park will be restored with new pathways and trails. The Annapolis Group is also interested in transferring the ownership of the dam to either the Halifax Regional Municipality or Halifax Water.  

"I am sympathetic to the dams — there are three of them — being taken over by a public entity at some point," said Outhit.

"We didn't want to do that until they were upgraded."