pants of prostate cancer

Peter Mallet, Prostate Cancer Canada (Information Morning/CBC)

If you see hundreds of men dancing around in their boxers next month in Halifax, don’t be alarmed — it’s for a good cause.

Stanfield’s Pants Off for Prostate Cancer is a unique fundraising event that encourages attendees to check their pants with their coats.

Peter Mallette, the executive director for the Atlantic Region for Prostate Cancer Canada, calls the event “an upscale dance with no pants. It’s a cocktail party.”

“This event is strategically created for a younger demographic because prostate cancer is not an old man’s disease. Younger and younger men are being diagnosed,” he said.

"This is the first time the event has ever been held outside of the Toronto business community.”

Every day, 12 Canadian men die of prostate cancer. One in seven men develop the disease in their lifetime, according to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Mallette said 40 years old is a good age to start getting screened regularly.

“I was 47 when I was diagnosed,’ said Mallette. “Sadly, cancer runs in my family and I thought I had years to go before I had to start worrying about that. Uh-uh, a very rude awakening in my 40s.”

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer found in men and the second-most deadly, after lung cancer. Yet two of three Canadians who develop the disease will die of something else. It remains one of the most treatable cancers, if caught early enough.

The gala happens on Feb 22 at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax.