The price of gas has jumped by 4.2 cents a litre in Halifax leading into the Labour Day long weekend.

Gas is now selling for a minimum of a 140.1 cents per litre in the city and is even more expensive in other parts of the province.

The price of diesel jumped overnight by close to four cents. It's now sitting at 136.6 cents per litre.

Calvin Stevenson said he is only filling half his tank to last him until next week, when he hopes the price will drop.

He's suspicious of the timing of this latest increase.

"I think it always seems to go up around the long weekends, and they seem to go up four or five cents and then they only seem to go down a point of a cent, maybe two or three. It doesn't seem fair to the consumer," he said.

Last year gas went up 3.9 cents per litre immediately before the long weekend and in 2011 it went up by 3.5 cents.

Over the past two years the cost overall has gone up more than 13 cents per litre. 

Carol Adams said she’s not too concerned about filling up her compact hatchback.

"This one personally is good on gas, so a few cents isn't going to matter to me," she said.

"I used to own a six-cylinder truck and I couldn't wait to get rid of it."

The price of gas in Nova Scotia is regulated by the Utility and Review Board.