An outdoor kitchen and classroom has been built in the North End Community Garden in Halifax. (North End Community Health Centre)

Dalhousie architecture students just finished building an outdoor kitchen and classroom in Halifax's north end.

It's a collaboration between the School of Architecture and the North End Community Centre.

"It's a kitchen where we're gonna be able to do cooking demonstrations right on the garden sites," said Jessie Jollymore, the project leader for the North End Community Garden.

"We are launching ... what we've been told is the very first outdoor teaching kitchen in Canada right at the garden site and we're going to be featuring some local foods here being picked right from the garden," said Jollymore.

Naryn Davar is one of the several Dalhousie architecture students who has put in some long days to get the project finished.

"There [are] about 40 kids who are growing vegetables in these gardens. They [didn't] have a place to process the vegetables or to talk about what they're doing and learn about different things in the garden," said Davar.

The kids produce and sell their own salad dressing with profits going to a scholarship fund for the young gardeners.

"For us, it's a wonderful experience, because we get to participate in something that's kind of both cutting edge and trailing edge at the same time. Some of our technology is very old, but the social ideas are very exciting," said Brian Lilley, an architecture professor at Dalhousie University.

The kitchen and classroom is going to be a permanent fixture in the garden.