The federal government has formally pledged to help pay some of the clean up costs from flooding in Nova Scotia last September.

To date, the province has borne the cost of disaster relief associated with the floods — primarily in the Truro area.

Local MLA Lenore Zann said 114 claims have been processed.

"There were the individuals, there were small businesses and also municipalities. So we're looking at $3.5 million in the end," she said.

The government has pledged to pick up about 30 per cent of that tab.

Michelle Collins’ parents qualified for disaster assistance after their home and a rental property in Truro was damaged. She estimates the damage suffered during the floods is in the range of $20,000 to $30,000.

Ottawa’s commitment does not mean money will flow immediately. Claims submitted by the province will be audited and federal approvals are needed for remediation work planned for local rivers.

"It doesn’t work quite as quickly as we would all love, but it does work very well, " said Scott Armstrong, MP of Colchester-Cumberland-Musquodoboit.

"In 2003 the [federal government committed] about $21-million to this area. We'll see how much it is at the end of this process but having the order in council passed by cabinet shows that the federal government is committed."

Truro-area claims are not the only requests for aid coming in. Last September, parts of Pictou County saw significant damage as well with roads and bridges washed out.