Two dehydrated and orphaned squirrels are on the road to recovery thanks to a Halifax-area couple who rescued them over the weekend.

Julia and Eric Wiseman were driving near their home in Middle Sackville when they spotted the tiny, struggling creatures.

Julia Wiseman, who is studying to be veterinary assistant, knew they needed help. She brought them home and Eric recorded the rehabilitation.

"The little guy, the first one we found, he was actually in a pretty good state. He ran right up into my hand. He looked perfectly fine. The little girl on the other hand — she looked pretty bad," she said.

The Wisemans used an eye-dropper to feed the squirrels a formula designed for animals.


The couple hand-fed the squirrels. (Courtesy Eric Wiseman)

"He named them Chip and Dale. I just call them ‘the babies,’" she said.

"She did all the rescuing. I've never seen such a hungry creature in all my life," Eric added.

Speed crucial to recovery

On Tuesday, the couple brought the baby squirrels to Hope for Wildlife, the Seaforth wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Hope Swinimer, who runs the sanctuary, said injured animals have a better chance of survival if they're brought into a centre like hers as soon as possible.

"It's very important we get these animals right away. They stand a much better chance of surviving the quicker we can get them," she said.

The creatures will get a checkup at the nursery and be fed five times a day. The next step will be a stay in the "nut house," where they’ll live with other squirrels.

Swinimer estimates Chip and Dale will recover and be released back into the wild in about six weeks.

Julia Wiseman said the hardest part was saying goodbye.

"It was really super hard, but I know that they're going to have a really good life here and that's all that matters," she said.