A fire on Old Sambro Road in Williamswood, outside of Halifax, has destroyed a house.

Firefighters received the call of a house on fire just after 3 a.m. on Monday. By the time they arrived, nothing could be done to stop the fire from destroying the house.  

Neighbours say the flames lit-up the sky and there was heavy smoke. Some trees near the house had started to burn.

Firefighters went into defensive mode to stop the fire from spreading to neighbouring homes.

They used over 56,000 litres of water.

williamswood fire

Firefighters used more than 56,000 litres of water to prevent fire from spreading. (Carolyn Ray/CBC)

The only thing remaining of the house is one wall, the rest of the structure is just a pile of charred timber.

Fire crews will continue to monitor the scene, watching for flare ups.

Relatives of the family who owns the house have been stopping by the scene. The CBC’s Carolyn Ray said they were crying as they saw the remains.

The homeowners are out of town. No one was injured in the fire.