Police weren't able to catch the thief red-handed, but may find them thanks to their orange-tinged fingers.

Over the weekend, RCMP say someone made off with an Old Dutch Foods truck loaded with Cheezies, chips, peanuts, beef jerky and salsa. 

The truck was parked outside the Middleton, N.S., home of the driver who inadvertently left the keys in the ignition. The driver realized his truck was gone when he woke up Sunday morning. He called police.

This urgent Facebook message was posted a few hours later.

"If anyone sees an Old Dutch potato chip truck with license plate FGT 298, let me know or call the police...it was stolen from our yard in Middleton sometime in the night!!" says the post by Doreen Meisner. "There is also the number 709 on the front fender."

RCMP located the truck at about 1 p.m. Sunday after a passerby notified them that it was in a ditch on Inglisville Road, about 15 minutes from where it was stolen.

Police believe the truck may have been used for a joyride rather than taken for its contents.

RCMP spokesperson Const. Mark Skinner says the truck appears to have been driven roughly since most of the contents were found in a pile in the cargo hold and the vehicle was found in a ditch.

An inventory is currently underway to determine just how much of the munchies are missing.