Demonstrators are moving their tents out of Halifax's Grand Parade for two ceremonies, but they vow to return after Remembrance Day.

Participants of Occupy Nova Scotia say they're leaving out of respect for a Dignity Day ceremony on Nov. 9 and a Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 11.

They plan to hold a rally and cleanup next Sunday and be in Victoria Square two days later.

Michael Anthony told CBC News they reached consensus after much debate. He considers the move a trade-off.

"We're here, we're established and people are supporting us, and a lot of people might not support us if we leave because they'll see that as a compromise. But if we don't leave, a lot more people won't support us," he said Monday.

The demonstrators have been camped in the square across from City Hall since Oct. 15.

Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly told the protesters to be out by Nov. 6, in time to prepare for the two ceremonies. Kelly and representatives of the Royal Canadian Legion met with several demonstrators on Friday to convince them to pack up.

Anthony said the mayor suggested the protesters set up in the Halifax Common, but he said the group doesn't believe there is enough foot traffic in the park.

"A couple of people think that's a compromise because they want to stay here — me included — but I'm going to go wherever the group goes because if we're divided we don't have any strength," Anthony said.

The demonstrators say they'll be back in Grand Parade on Nov. 12, even though the mayor wanted them to stay away for the holiday season because of a tree-lighting ceremony and other events.

"We will come back and be much stronger than before," said Cynthia Williams.

Anthony said they can "work around" those ceremonies.

Kelly said Monday that he sees some compromise in the group's decision regarding Remembrance Day and hopes the same sort of co-operation can be reached for the holiday events.