The Occupy Nova Scotia movement is preparing to hunker down for the winter at Grand Parade in Halifax, and is asking union members to help them gather supplies for the cold months ahead.

The Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council has a list on its website of items that are needed, including blankets, food, camping supplies and money.


Would the Occupy movement survive without campsites? Have your say.

Labour council president Kyle Buott said union members have been asking how they can support the Occupy Nova Scotia movement.

"Well, certainly union members and activists have been down here almost every single day. They've been speaking at rallies that the occupiers have called. They've been helping to organize the services that are provided here in the camp," he said.

"And I think that's because our movements share some common goals and that is that we oppose the corporate greed that is running rampant in our economy and that we oppose that the banks control of our economy is almost complete."

The occupiers will leave the Grand Parade temporarily on Sunday in preparation for Remembrance Day services. But they plan to return to the site on Nov. 12.

Occupy Nova Scotia is holding two solidarity rallies — one on Nov. 6 to clean up Grand Parade before they move temporarily to Victoria Park on Spring Garden Road, and the other on Nov. 12 when they return to Grand Parade.