It feels like –17 with the wind chill and small icicles are forming on 22-year-old Alex King's moustache, but he couldn't be happier.

"It's pretty cold," he admitted.

While others are out skiing or sitting by a warm fire, King is painting outdoors. Inspired by a cluster of pine trees, snow and the way the sun shines in Halifax's Saunders Park, the NSCAD University student came out with his easel and canvas to capture the scene with his brush and oils.

King is a fourth-year student studying fine arts and he's planning a show in the summer.

He has been painting for seven years and was encouraged by Newfoundland and Labrador artist Lise Sorensen, who encouraged students to paint when she visited his high school in Bonne Bay.

King has long admired the cluster of trees in Saunders Park.

Heads were turning as people drove past him working, but the young artist was just focused on his work — and trying to stay warm in between brush strokes.

Alex King, paints trees

The trees that King has admired in Saunders Park. (Colleen Jones/CBC)