Nova Scotia's warm weather sets more February records

Another warm day in February smashes more records, but all that will change overnight as a cold front passes over the province.

Cold front passing over province overnight Monday will cool temperatures down

Warm temperatures have accelerated the melting of ice around the province, but temperatures will cool as a cold front passes over Nova Scotia tonight. (Bill Bolhuis)

Another late February day has brought another set of smashed high-temperature records in Nova Scotia.

The combination of warm, humid air drawn up the Eastern Seaboard and period of sunshine has sent highs soaring into the low to mid-teens around the province. As of 2 p.m., new records have been set at:

  • Greenwood, the warmest spot in the country, reached 17.8 C
  • Amherst — 15.8 C
  • Kejimkujik National Park — 15.1 C
  • Sydney — 11.4 C
  • Yarmouth — 10.2 C
It will be cloudy and mild tonight with scattered showers moving across the province. Winds will be gusty from the southwest and west. (Kalin Mitchell/CBC)

Temperatures will fall tonight and through Tuesday with the passage of a cold front.

This evening will see the province with cloudy or increasingly cloudy skies. Patches of fog and drizzle will develop around the Atlantic coastline.

Scattered bands of showers will move through tonight and early Tuesday morning. Winds will be out of the southwest and occasionally gust 40 to 60 km/h before turning west near and after midnight. Temperatures will fall into a range of 0 C to 4 C by near sunrise Tuesday.

Scattered showers clear the northeast of the mainland and Cape Breton Tuesday morning. Cape Breton, showers will be replaced by isolated flurries in Inverness County for the afternoon and evening as colder winds blows in off the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The rest of Nova Scotia will clear to see a mostly sunny afternoon. Winds will turn northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 km/h and temperatures will fall into a range of –2 C to 2 C.

Tuesday evening and night will be mostly clear with low temperatures of –7 C to -4 C.

Showers clear as will the skies, except in Cape Breton where isolated flurries may blow in off the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Temperatures will fall through the day in northwest winds. (Kalin Mitchell/CBC)

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