A wind energy company executive in Nova Scotia says he'll push hard at regulatory hearings to ensure a program that allows renewable companies to sell directly to customers isn't paying excessive tariffs to Nova Scotia Power.

Dan Roscoe, the chief operating officer of SWEB developments Inc., said in an interview he'll be making his case to the province's utilities regulator in hearings that begin Monday.

The hearings before the Utility and Review Board will consider the tariffs charged by Nova Scotia Power to the independent producers of wind, solar and other renewable energies as part the province's "renewable to retail" program.

Roscoe is arguing the transmission tariffs proposed by the utility place too much risk on the power producers and "under the proposed rates, it is very unlikely that any developer will participate in the program."

Nova Scotia Power says on its website that its proposal will create a competitive, renewable electricity supply to retail customers.

The subsidiary of Emera Inc. (TSX:EMA) also says in its opening statement to the regulator that legislation requires renewable suppliers and the customers "to be responsible for all costs related to provision of service ... that would otherwise be the responsibility of Nova Scotia Power and its customers."

The firm says its tariffs are "cost-based" and ensures customers who choose to continue using Nova Scotia Power don't bear the cost of the renewables program.