A large region of high pressure spreading across the U.S. Eastern Seaboard will result in a very fair weather weekend for Nova Scotia.

There will be clear skies tonight with low temperatures in the low teens. A little cooler than what we've experienced as of late due to drier air filtering in from the west.

The moon will be 98 per cent visible tonight and full Saturday night which will be our August supermoon — a full moon at the point in its orbit closest to Earth. Viewing conditions for the supermoon in Nova Scotia on Saturday should be near ideal. 

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Clouds, Kalin Mitchell

Looks like good viewing conditions for the August supermoon on Saturday as the night skies will be mostly clear around Nova Scotia. (Kalin Mitchell/CBC)

Saturday will be sunny with some very nice beach weather. Afternoon high temperatures will range 24 C to 27 C around the province with a light wind from the west and southwest.  

Sea surface temperatures are warm and stand near 20 C for the Northumberland Strait, 19 C along the Atlantic coast, and 16 C in the Bay of Fundy. Wave heights for most of the coast will be near or under 1 metre.  

I spoke with a few of the resident surfers in the building and while they're not gearing up for a fantastic surfing day tomorrow, they did mention that some small, clean waves may be around mid-morning to mid-afternoon.  If you're out enjoying the water, please remember to do so safely.

Sunday will see the province with a touch more broken cloud cover, though still plenty of sun.

A few isolated showers may drift through Cape Breton for the afternoon and any given community on the island will have a 30 to 40 per cent chance of seeing one of those. High temperatures on Sunday are expected to range 23 C to 26 C.